We serve the world’s most demanding furniture and leather goods markets.

How we work

Research and development

We drive innovation, and the reason for this is simple: our R&D department is constantly pushing the development envelope.

Quality, efficiency and reliability are the foundations of our production process. The introduction of new technologies, concerning components and their applications, has allowed us to continue with the evolution and expansion of our product range. In this way we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions and to evaluate together with the customer which of them best meets their needs.

We have privileged access to the world’s main markets, cutting edge technologies and a wide range of raw materials.

Higher quality

Control of the supply chain

As part of JBS Couros, Conceria Priante is also in full control of the supply chain: from farm to finished product, we have full control over all processes, which means we can offer our customers higher quality added-value products.

Our work involves paying close attention to the many ways in which fashion and design are changing.
This is why we have a department focusing exclusively on research and development.


Creativity and finishing

This department researches new dyeing and finishing techniques. The market knows we analyze our customers’ requirements in detail and employ strict raw material selection procedures, all of which allows us to offer esthetically refined choices.

Our team’s creativity produces innovative creations. And out of strict quality control come impeccable articles.